Loud Harp

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Ever since meeting each other, Asher Seevinck (Seafinch) & Dave Wilton (A Boy & His Kite) joked about starting a band together. In April of 2011 it happened... on accident.

What was supposed to be a writing weekend for Asher's band, quickly turned into a time of spontaneous worship and prayer. In that unexpected place, the songs that became their self-titled debut were born. Released on Come&Live! in June 2012, "Loud Harp" captured their honest worship in a season full of doubt and uncertainty.

Their sophmore record, "Asaph", approaches similar topics, but from a higher viewpoint. No longer songs from the bottom of the pit, these are the songs of a people ascending the hill of the Lord. A people in awe of God's greatness - a people with a new focus.

Described as "Shoe-gaze, meets Peter Gabriel, meets the Holy Spirit", the sound of Loud Harp weaves heartfelt prayers with beautiful, layered atmospheric indie rock. Within these layers, Asher & Dave hope people are able to experience the overwhelming love and peace of Jesus.



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